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- everything here is my own -


apple snails

- ink


- ink

livid lupine

- watercolor

screen printing update:

our first run of burning the screens hit a snag. neither art buddy Isaiah nor myself bothered to watch YouTube vids or ask anyone first and it turns out the emulsion has to be 100% dry. and not so thick. and not exposed as long. lol.

so we scrubbed them out the next day, and sometime today i’ll be adding the emulsion again. we should be able to burn again by monday or tuesday.

on the bottom is a pic of our darkroom / multi purpose art shed. buddy Isaiah is on the left and le boyfriend Nick on the right.

sacrificing sleep for the art gods

new mini logo for my big cartel shop.

only one necklace posted so far, but when i get some screened goods going this is where I’ll be selling them!