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adventures in screen-printing; step 1.

- after a few minor setbacks, I now have two positive designs printed on inkjet-friendly acetate paper. i ran them through the printer twice each to darken the image.

these are going to be used with emulsion and light to burn the design onto a screen, leaving a negative space for the ink to be printed through.

two month evolution of my postal sticker street art

Good luck! That sounds super awesome, I hope it goes well!
thank you ~
one of my housemates and I are collaborating on it, and we have a shed for a darkroom as well two screens, a red and halogen light, and four primary colors of ink (to start with). we also live in an area of Portland with a bevy of artists that could provide tips & lessons and access to a wide variety of materials / galleries&shops for possibly selling and showing any intensely cool stuff that we might make;
I have high hopes for this project!

got everything I need to try screen printing

tonight or tomorrow I’ll put emulsion on the screen, and once it dries burn the design

wee! I’m so excited :D I’ve wanted to try this for ages

the new deadmau5 double-disc album is the greatest painting soundtrack ive ever had

the fact he threw in nine inch nails kills me

dog girl with nug