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Ashley’s Ice Resin Space Pendant Tutorial, Step 1

Since anon asked, here is my method for making pendants using a bezel and some Ice Resin (jewelers grade clear casting epoxy).

Step 1. Gather necessities.

- A measuring shot glass, found in most craft stores (plastic) or horticulture shops (glass).

- A stencil to use for cutting your background to a preferred size. Here I used a cabochon of dried resin that fits these bezels. You can use a coin, or a square of strong paper cut to fit your bezel shape and size.

- Bezels. Anything goes - Ice Resin works well with any metal.

- Background. I chose a sticker of my cat Dog (but am only using the space portions).

- Razor blade or other fine-tipped sharp object. Used for cutting background.

(Also Good to Have, But Not Shown)

- Garbage bag cut and fitted with tape to your work space.

- Small scissors.

- Microfiber cloth for tiny messes. (You should be careful to only make tiny messes. This stuff is a clean-up nightmare.)

- Gloves.

- Toothpicks, popsicle sticks or any small disposal tools.

- Anything flat and hard to keep hair/dust off of the pendants as they dry, and three things tall and level enough to hold the flat thing above your pendant(s).

Click here for step 2.

Click here for step 3.